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Telling the story of your breath

Cutting Edge Breath Diagnostics


RespirationScan is changing the way healthcare approaches disease prediction & diagnostics

Our technology non-invasively detects volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) in human breath to detect, predict, and diagnose a variety of disease states.

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Predicting Pneumonia (VAP)
Ventilator -Associated Pneumonia

Respiration Scan is the first company to have successfully predicted the onset of Pneumonia in ICU patients – in many cases, days before patients were symptomatic.

300 000

VAP patients / year


42 000

Excess deaths

$12 Bil

Health care losses

A new approach to VAP diagnosis

Early VAP diagnosis saves lives
however todays methods are still invasive, expensive, lengthy and heavy on care teams.


Does not disrupt current ICU workflows


Daily analysis to predict or diagnose Pneumonia from day 1

Non invasive

Poses minimal risk to the patient


Accurate and specific bacterial load levels used by clinical staff to determine the best antibiotic treatment for patients


Saving lives & costs with our patented technology

With VAPredict, clinicians can detect VAP earlier, provide patients with better specific antibiotic treatment, and save lives and costs.


  • Collection unit connected to patients exhale tube

  • Samples are processed in Mass Spec

  • VAPpredict software analyses Mass Spec output

  • Early diagnosis made simple with VAPredict


VAPredict was studied in early-clinical settings and is now entering its next phase: a large-scale FDA & CE clinical study

Expected CE approval early 2023

Leading a fourth pillar of diagnostics

For decades, diagnostic approaches were limited to blood, imaging, and interventional procedures. Respiration Scan’s technology is the next pillar of diagnostics for clinicians to use by analyzing VOCs in Human breath. 

The RS software is designed to continuously learn new disease states. As we collect more patient samples we can target more bacterial and viral targets in human breath via our AI. As we build out more disease product lines and with our capability to not only diagnose but predict disease, Respiration Scan will change our approach to healthcare entirely.

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  • Visit our LinkedIn
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